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What to know about carpet installation?- 4 Important Things

  • May 22, 2022

Carpets are the secret to a comfy home, and with benefits ranging from comfort to sound saturation, it is easy to see why carpets are still such a popular choice. But among the advantages, there are also several points that people must first factor in before signing on the dotted line. Here’s everything that you need to know about carpet installation.

1) Choosing the type of carpet installation

What to know about carpet installation

Carpet installation is mostly of three types. They are double glue-down, direct glue-down, and stretch-in. In the glue-down technique, the adhesive is used to stick it on the floor under the carpet. The stretching type of installation activates a carpet backing. In a stretch-in type of installation, carpet is tacked near the wall and stretched by a machine or manually. No carpet coherence is used in glue-down methods since there is no backing adhesive. Application is made precisely on the carpet itself. Replacing the carpet installed by the stretch-in technique is easy. However, this method is not convenient for areas with high traffic, stairs, and ramps.

2) Calculating your square footage correctly

Calculating carpet requirements is much more complex than simply adding up the square footage of your rooms. There are so many other points to consider, such as the direction of the carpet pile and the width of the carpet roll. For beginners, simply multiplying your measurements will generally not give you an accurate outcome. Remember, though, that the professional’s quote is only as good as your information. If you have measured incorrectly or left out important details such as closets or railing posts, the project’s true cost will not be able to be determined.

3) Ensure a great finish

The finishing of the carpet is what everyone will see, not the time spent installing the carpet. So, if everything has run correctly until now, don’t forget to check in the last part of your carpet installation plan. When finalizing finished levels of wall-to-wall carpet, remember the finished height of any traditionally fitted wall-to-wall carpet installation should be total carpet thickness plus the thickness of the carpet gripper. There is a common misconception that the finished level of a broadloom carpet is the thickness of the underlay plus the thickness of the carpet.

4) Secure stair liners and edges

What to know about carpet installation

Examine carpeted stairs and look for loose edges. Check where the stairs meet the wall to ensure a smooth, even edge along the wall. Carpet is generally glued to the edge of the stair along the staircase to ensure proper adhesion. Next, study the other side of the stairs, the exposed side that generally supports the stair railing. Ensure the carpet wraps securely around the banister and rails with no gaps or loose ends. The carpet is properly installed if the side looks similar to the end.

Final words

Carpet installation is an art that is developed through years of experience, so using professional carpet installers is just a smart move. Carpet Wood Floor Rockville expert technicians follow industry best practices to ensure high-quality workmanship that will withstand time.


What to know about carpet installation?- 4 Important Things - Carpet Wood Floor Rockville