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Ways to Choose Wood Floor Colors: The Ultimate Guide

  • Jun 14, 2022

Wooden flooring is a popular option, and it comes in various styles, colors, and species. Wooden flooring is offered in so many shades that it is almost certainly a solution to match any outlandish designer idea. However, choosing the perfect wood floor for your home interior can be confusing. Check out Ways to Choose Wood Floor Colors: The Ultimate Guide.

1. the Main element of wooden flooring

Ways to Choose Wood Floor Colors

Beautiful wooden flooring is something desired by many, and when you have a large open area, the central aspect of that area is going to be the flooring. You should consider deep colors for your big rooms as this will allow the character of the floor to shine through.

2. Size of room

Preferable color tones will contrast depending on size. If your room is large and wide, warm and dark tones like walnut tend to make a large room seem smaller, making them cozier. If you lack space in a small room, the right color can make a room seem more extensive. Light-colored floors such as beige can give you an impression of a spacious home. 

3. Color of your floors

Of course, your desired style also significantly influences the color of your floors. Make sure you take your wall color, furniture, and the type of the rest of your home into account. If your house has a modern style, consider pairing a darker floor with lighter walls, cabinets, and furniture. On the other hand, nearly any hardwood option with red undertones will work for a cozy, rustic atmosphere.

4. Overall, the feel you want

The overall feeling of your room is vital before deciding on a floor color. Try breathable light colors to create openness if you feel less cramped in a smaller space. Try light gray or light-toned wood if you want a relaxing, peaceful environment. To emulate class and elegance, black or red colors are great options. 

5. Ask for samples before installing

When choosing your hardwood flooring colors, always ask for some wood samples and compare them in your home. Then, you will be able to hold the pieces up to your walls and compare them to the color of your furniture. Without samples, you will not know how the flooring will look in your home, and you may be surprised come installation.

6. The finished look

Ways to Choose Wood Floor Colors

As the most significant piece of furniture in a house, a floor can set the tone for a space’s entire aesthetic. The color and texture of floors play a huge role in any room’s finished look, and the design potential is virtually unlimited for wood flooring. When installing a new wood floor, buyers have two options for the look: they can get prefinished floors or have their installer do a custom stain and finish application, commonly called site-finished floors. 

Final words

Knowing more about the characteristics of these types of wood floors will make any project much more accessible. Then, select the best wooden flooring that complements your budget, accessories, and appliances! Hardwood floors add value to your home and provide a classic look with any style. Carpet Wood Floor Rockville hardwood flooring is available within a wide range of shades, surface patterns, and treatments to ensure an option that will go with your interior. Request a free trial and have it sent to your house.


Ways to Choose Wood Floor Colors: The Ultimate Guide - Carpet Wood Floor Rockville