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Wood Floor Restoration Services

  • Jan 26, 2022

Wood Floor Restoration Services

Many homeowners in Rockville MD dream of living in their family home, one complete with stories of times past and the design structure to reflect it. But these old homes bring challenges with them, from appliances that haven’t been updated for years to damaged flat flooring and other original materials.

Most of these old homes have typical wooden floors, and restoring these uneven wooden floors can be a key to returning these older homes to their former beauty. If performed well, a floor restoration can make the floors the centerpiece of the house, solidifying the home’s status as an inheritance.

Here’s how the wooden flooring restoration can complete the look of an older home.

Evaluation of the Wood Floors of your family home

First and foremost, it is essential with any job that the floors must be evaluated properly. Surprisingly in some old homes, the floors may need simple updates, like a renewed stain, or they may need to be replaced completely. Preferably, the original wood would be used in order to recollect the history of the home.

Hardwood flooring experts can examine the flooring and determine the type of hardwood used and its current design & structural integrity, as well as any damaged sections or planks. Once this is done, professionals can determine the best course of action and budget for the restoration.

Planning the work

This part of the restoration process involves a detailed meeting with the homeowner and conveying professional recommendations. The two can discuss the scope of work the homeowner has for the home’s overall flooring look and possibilities for reaching those goals. For example, the floor may just need significant sealing, sanding, and staining, however, it might also need replacement altogether. Making a concrete plan at this stage of restoration is crucial to getting the job done correctly.

Complete Restoration Process

It feels really nice when you see the end result of the restoration work and you bring an older home back to its glory. The young generation would feel proud and honored to live its dream of staying in their family home with the same pride and beauty of its flooring.

It will surely make all the difference in how the restored home flooring appeals to its history & roots and is the perfect choice for the family who wishes to honor that history.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with for the hardwood restoration, Rockville MD homeowners can start by contacting Carpet Wood Floor Rockville. We will love to help you see your family home renovated to its original glory.

Wood Floor Restoration Services - Carpet Wood Floor Rockville