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Carpet Cleaning 

How frequently should you hire carpet cleaning services?

  • Apr 5, 2022

Carpets are the best thing to enhance your home’s beauty and aesthetic value. But to keep them shining bright, you need to hire carpet cleaning services promptly. Various factors influence the carpet cleaning requirements. If the carpets are lightly dirty, you can clean them yourself with just a few tips. However, you need professional cleaning at least every two months if the carpets get filthy. Interestingly, some carpets don’t require cleaning for years. In conclusion, the frequency of carpet cleaning depends on factors and carpet type. 

Generally, some factors that affect the frequency of carpet cleaning are as follows:

carpet cleaning services


Kids in the house come with numerous tasks. Their nature of always playing, messing, and disorganizing things increase your workload. Carpets are one of the things that kids spoil. They drop food and walk in with muddy shoes that dirty your rugs. Therefore, if you have kids in the house, you need to hire carpet cleaning more frequently. If you don’t get timely cleaning, you will end up ruining the carpet completely. And then, you will have to opt for a new carpet installation.

Allergic Family Members

Your carpets are vulnerable to accumulating dust and dirt in the fibers, which causes allergies and health issues. Especially the elders are more affected by dust and allergies. Therefore, you must utilize vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters every day to remove dust particles. Moreover, you can try eco-friendly cleaning with shampoos every two months.

Carpet Color

Carpet color is one of the chief factors that influence the frequency of cleaning. The carpets with light colors need extra attention, while dark colors can go without cleaning for longer. However, the dirt is easily visible on light-colored carpets, so you need to vacuum and clean them regularly. To retain shine and brightness, do shampooing and steam cleaning once every six months.


carpet cleaning services

We can’t forget to mention pets. These speechless creatures ruin your carpets more than kids. You will notice huge stains on rugs with people who have pets in their houses. In addition, pets transfer dander, lice, and even parasites onto the floor, worsening the condition. Finally, if you don’t do daily vacuuming, you will have grungy carpets. 

Hire professional carpet cleaners every 3 to 6 months for deep cleaning. They will ensure that no poor hygiene and foul odor are left in your house.

Hire the Carpet Wood Floor Rockville

It is an excellent habit to have cleaned carpets in your home. To enjoy hygiene and prevent allergies, hire professional carpet cleaners. They also can suggest the most suitable frequency of carpet cleaning that is accurate for your home requirements. The specificity of factors that influence carpet cleaning depends from individual to individual. Connect with the Carpet Wood Floor Rockville to get the best and most reliable carpet cleaning services. Some of our assistance include:

  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Deep shampoo cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Stain and odor removal

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How frequently should you hire carpet cleaning services? - Carpet Wood Floor Rockville