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Confused about Dining Room flooring? Let us help you!

  • Jan 19, 2022

Not sure which flooring you should go for in your dining room?

A dining room is one of the finest and most popular areas of your home where your family and friends gather to eat & enjoy. Different types of Meals, the cuisine is shared and memories are often cherished around the dining room table. You will always choose the best floor for your dining room that creates a warm, positive welcoming feeling while being durable enough to stand up with a high foot traffic area, dust, liquid, stains, oil & whatnot, and not to mention obviously the heavy furniture. Therefore, it becomes more important to choose the perfect flooring for your sweet home so that you can truly enjoy hosting parties and get-to-gathers at your home.  

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing the flooring for your dining room is how will you use up the space. Some people use their dining room just for special occasions, while others may use it as often as they would use the living rooms and kitchens. The usability surely impacts the flooring type you should go for as you would need something much strong if you are going to use your dining room almost every day.

Below are some suggestions to choose from for your dining room to stand against any wear and tear:

1) Premium Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl is a very common and most popular choice for dining room areas, as we can find a variety of products that will suit your taste, pocket, and need. Vinyl is not just only beautiful but it is completely scratch-proof and water-resistant, Its maintenance is also quite simple and cheap. If you plan to use your dining area on a regular basis then choosing dining room vinyl flooring is the best option as it stands against regular wear and tears.


2) Solid & Engineered Wood Flooring
Solid wood flooring is a great choice if you are looking for a luxurious wood texture in the house. If you don’t have underfloor heating, you can surely opt for solid wood flooring for your dining room area. If you already have the under-flooring structure installed then your dining room faces a lot of humidity, in this scenario it would be a wise decision to opt for the engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is more stable than solid wood flooring as it has multiple layers in its core, making it less likely to expose to moisture and humidity and also stand against daily wear & tear.


3) The Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring
Tile effect vinyl flooring comes in a range of diverse colours, varieties and textures to choose from. When firm properly, tile flooring has great durability and look. People usually like to sit on the dining room floor, so if you mount the tile vinyl floor in the dining room area it stays cold so people can simply relax. Another good thing about this vinyl tile is that it is more prone to wear & tear because you usually see people would have hefty furniture laying around the dining area and if by chance something heavily drops off there is a sophisticated chance of the floor getting damaged.


4) Commercial Vinyl Flooring
Commercial flooring will add a comfort, rapid style, long-lasting, comfy and professional touch to your spaces. Commercial floors are not just used as a long-lasting product but come with a wide range of designs & colours. People usually like their dining room to look Clean, warm and bright, Commercial vinyl adds splendors overall look and feel to any dull places. The commercial vinyl floor is accommodating to many day-to-day activities that occur at a workplace with heavy foot traffic like scratches, stains, slips, and dents.

5)Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is a great option too for your lovely dining room, as it is comparatively less costly and it imitates the exact look & style of the wood effect into your space. Laminate is also a perfect choice to stand up to daily wear and tear, and usually, in the dining areas there might be a greater chance of spills, hot oil, laminate flooring will stand against all those wear, also laminate flooring is scratch-resistance so even though people will drag their chairs, you won’t see a lot of scratches on your floor.

6) Carpets
Carpets can also work well with the dining room as it adds comfort and warmth which sometimes is missing in a dining room as it tends to have less stuff than the other part of your house. Another benefit of installing a carpet is that it reduces the sound when you pull out the chairs or table. Neutral tones carpet will add more beauty to your dining area and make your space look a little spacious if you have less furniture & fittings installed in your dining area.

Call the professionals to help you get over this dilemma now.


Confused about Dining Room flooring? Let us help you! - Carpet Wood Floor Rockville