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Carpet Cleaning Services: 5 Killer Ways to Best Carpet Cleaning

  • Mar 2, 2022

Different ways of professional carpet cleaning Near me

Though there are various flooring alternatives available in the market today, such as laminate, vinyl, or cork, the use of carpets is still unparalleled. One reason why carpets are so popular even today is their easy maintenance. Carpets don’t require regular cleaning and are durable. But if you ignore the dirty carpets for a very long time, you will have to replace them. Clean carpets are aesthetically appealing and hygienic for the indoor environment. Hence, you must clean your carpets at regular intervals. Here are some of the best professional carpet cleaning ways, just for you!


The five killer ways to best carpet or upholstery cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Also called hot water extraction cleaning, carpet cleaning uses high-pressure hot water. This water dissolves the dirt present in the carpet fiber by dissolving it. First, detergent or any other type of cleaning agent is added to the top layer of the dirty carpet. Then, the cleaning agent is allowed to settle, and the carpet is adequately rinsed. The last step of this way is to leave the carpet to dry at room temperature. This carpet cleaning method requires about 2 hours to clean carpets. To avail of the steam carpet cleaning facility, you can search for “carpet cleaner rental near me.”


Shampooing of Carpet

Shampooing the carpet is another way of cleaning the carpet. This cleaning method is very effective for extremely dirty or soiled carpets. But there is one major disadvantage of this method. Here the foam does not easily come off the interior fibers of the carpet. As a result, the carpet takes a longer time to dry. It may also stink at times. The best solution to prevent this stink is to allow the carpet to dry under scorching sun after adequately washing it.


Use of synthetic detergent

The way that synthetic detergent is used for carpet cleaning is called encapsulation. This method has become very popular nowadays. Synthetic detergents are used as the base that transforms into crystalline powder when they dry up. So what happens is the dirt particles off the carpet get loosened after the synthetic detergent dries up. Since the end product of the encapsulation is dry foam, it can be easily cleaned. This can be done via a brush or can also be easily vacuumed.


BonnetingIn this way of carpet cleaning, a heavy motorized machine is used. This machine consists of a spinning pad. That pad absorbs all the dirt on the top surface of the carpet and cleans efficiently. This cleaning carpet does not use water and is in an arid way. Hence, cleaning carpets in hotels and other commercial places is trendy. However, since bonneting limits its cleaning to the top surface of the carpet, the interiors are left dirty. Bonneting also tends to leave behind chemical residue on the carpet. 

But despite these drawbacks, it is the most used way of cleaning carpets in commercial places.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is new and employs technology in its procedure. Also called compound cleaning, this way uses chemical compounds widely available in the market to clean carpets. First, the chemical compound is sprinkled on the carpet. Then, the compound is composed of microsponges which absorb the dirt efficiently. Finally, the dirt is vacuumed or brushed out off the carpet. Due to their emerging popularity, dry carpet cleaner shops can be found everywhere nowadays.


Bottom Line

At times it becomes difficult to clean such huge carpets at home. You can type “professional carpet cleaning near me” or “carpet cleaning near me” in any search engine and get desirable results. You can also search for a “local carpet cleaning companies.” Cleaning carpets regularly is vital since it keeps the carpet safe from allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. This keeps your home or workplace healthy and hygienic. Hence, these are the five killer ways to best carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Services: 5 Killer Ways to Best Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Wood Floor Rockville